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Packing List: Long Summer Weekend

July 16, 2018

Whether you’re headed to a cabin on the lake, a beach house on the seaside, or a city staycation at a hotel pool, packing a weekend clothing bag usually follows a simple recipe:

- Swimsuit
- Shorts
- Skirt
- Tank tops
- T-shirts
- Loose, long-sleeve blouse
- Casual dress
- Hat
- Sneakers
- Sandals

While you might have most of these pieces leftover in boxes from summer last year, there’s always room to update your wardrobe and make room for what’s trending right now. Graphic tees are a great way to keep your summer outfit fun and fresh. I usually like mine to make a statement with a bold or cute phrase, but everyone knows pictures say 1,000 words! There are often designs featuring screen-printed flowers or road trip motifs, beachscapes or an image that captures your love of boating. Whatever it is, over the years I’ve found a bunch of graphic goodies hidden in secondhand shops that freshen up your basic shorts-and-tee combo.

Looking for a blast from the past? Denim skirts are having a huge moment right now in almost any style you can think of. They give off a perfect summer vibe. The classic look right now is a five-pocket mini-skirt, but you can also go slightly longer and A-line for a little seventies flair. Not a blue jeans person? Look for denim in a crisp white shade to show off your new summer tan, or peruse the racks at your local Style Encore for variations in black, camo, or colored denim.

Summertime also means almost always staying active, and swimwear and shoes that won’t go flying at the worst possible moment is key. Instead of flip-flops on a boat or a bikini in the waves, I prefer a good one-piece for jumping in the lake and sandals that tie or strap me in when running along the beach. Although anything goes during a lazy weekend escape from reality, finding a few pieces to anchor your suitcase will go a long way for making your summer travels stress-free. After all, who wants to spend time packing when you could be making memories on the water?

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford